ZOOK™ Gear Line | Bow Hoist


ZOOK™ Gear Line | Bow Hoist


Made in the USA

From domestic and some international materials

Premium Rope

Comes with unique lock bar

Highly Durable Sheath

16-strand braided high-tenacity polyester cover

800 lbs Strength

Rated for lifting gear

Highest Strength Core

Cabled parallel polyester core

ZOOK™ Camo Pattern

Distinctive tree bark blended camouflage

ZOOK™ Gear Line (5:05)

Demonstration Video | Watch the ZOOK™ Gear Line in action with unique lock-bar design.

The ZOOK™ Gear Line — Best Hunting Gear Hoist

ZOOK™ Outdoors’ premium gearline makes the perfect hunting gear hoist to pull up your bow, gun, or pack from up in your tree stand. Our unique lock bar design allows you to quickly and easily secure your gear with confidence. Leave your hunting gear on the ground while you climb, and once you are safely in your tree stand you can hoist up your gear.

The ZOOK™ Gear Line is made in the USA from domestic and some internationally sourced materials and has a tensile strength of 800 pounds. This high breaking strength allows you to safely lift the 100 - 200 pounds of gear you take on your hunt. Our gear hoist for hunting works well as a bow hoist rope or gun hoist for tree stand.



ZOOK™ is committed to continually improving the safety of hunters. We offer a free replacement program during the one year warranty period, for ZOOK™ original products only (see ZOOK™ Products). If your ZOOK™ product breaks within the warranty period, please send it to us, and we will send you a free replacement.

To claim a warranty, get in touch with us using our Support area and we will get back to you within 3 business days. You will be required to provide your order ID and mail us the original product.


Zook Safety—committed to continually improving the safety of hunters. We offer a free replacement program during the one year warranty period. If you have an accidental fall while using the ZOOK™ Line, and it protects you from injury or death, we will replace it free of charge. Send us the one that saved you from injury or death along with a written statement describing what happened, and we will send a free replacement.


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